swdf-2017 Graph


Semantic Web Dog Food (2017-01-23 release)


RDF triplesSubjectsPredicatesObjectsTime quotaMax results per request
353,162 triples68,36538130,96575ms2000 bindings

VoID description

Access the VoID description of the RDF graph at http://soyez-sage.univ-nantes.fr/void/swdf-2017

Query the RDF Graph

Graph URI: http://soyez-sage.univ-nantes.fr/sparql/swdf-2017

Basic SPARQL queries

The SaGe server has a native support for evaluating a subset of the SPARQL syntax. It supports SPARQL queries with the following features:

Complete SPARQL 1.1 queries

To execute complete SPARQL queries using a SaGe server, you have two options: