Sage: a SPARQL query engine for public Linked Data providers

Sage is a SPARQL query engine for public Linked Data providers that implements Web preemption. The SPARQL engine includes a smart Sage client and a Sage SPARQL query server hosting RDF datasets (hosted using PostgreSQL or HDT). SPARQL queries are suspended by the web server after a fixed quantum of time and resumed upon client request. Using Web preemption, Sage ensures stable response times for query execution and completeness of results under high load.

The complete approach and experimental results are available in a Research paper accepted at The Web Conference 2019, available here. Thomas Minier, Hala Skaf-Molli and Pascal Molli. "SaGe: Web Preemption for Public SPARQL Query services" in Proceedings of the 2019 World Wide Web Conference (WWW'19), San Francisco, USA, May 13-17, 2019.

We appreciate your feedback/comments/questions to be sent to our mailing list or our issue tracker on github.

Query online Linked Data using SaGe

Running in your Web Browser, powered by the SaGe Javascript client

Execute SPARQL queries against any RDF datasets hosted by the SaGe server, using a client-server query engine running in your browser

See the supported SPARQL 1.1 features

RDF Datasets available

Query these RDF datasets using the Java or Javascript client
RDF GraphDescriptionRDF triplesTime quantumVoID descriptionMore details
dblp-2017The Computer Science Bibliography (2017-01-24 release)88,150,32475 Open Open
dbpedia-2015-04enDBpedia dataset v2015-04 (english version)398,216,00475 Open Open
dbpedia-2016-04DBpedia dataset v2016-041,040,358,85375 Open Open
dbpedia-3-5-1DBpedia v3.5.1232,542,40575 Open Open
eventskg-r2A dataset of scientific events, containing historical data about the publications, submissions, start date, end date, location and homepage for top-prestigious events series.28,32975 Open Open
geonames-2012A dataset of countries, with over 8 million placenames (2012-11-11 release)123,020,82175 Open Open
linkedgeodata-2012OpenStreetMap as Linked Data (2012-09-10 release)129,698,47075 Open Open
pathwaycommons-v9PathwayCommons v964,664,52975 Open Open
sameAsThe dataset (2018 release)558,943,11675 Open Open
swdf-2012Semantic Web Dog Food (2012-11-28 release)242,25675 Open Open
swdf-2017Semantic Web Dog Food (2017-01-23 release)353,16275 Open Open
wikidata-2017-03-13Wikidata 2017-03-13 release2,262,175,28375 Open Open
wiktionary-2012-enA dictionary of the English language (2012-07-21 release)64,358,37575 Open Open


Query and publish RDF datasets using SaGe servers using these client or server implementations.

SaGe server - Python

Publish your own datasets using the reference SaGe implementation in Python. Currently supports RDF datasets stored in PostgreSQL and in the HDT format.

Download Docker image
SaGe client - Apache Jena

Based on Apache jena, this client supports the full SPARQL 1.1 syntax, including federated SPARQL queries.

Download See on Github
SaGe client - Javascript

The SaGe javascript client allows you to execute SPARQL 1.1 queries in any browser or using Node.js.

Download See on Github